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ExaWave for Political Campaign

Be in constant touch with what voters are posting about you and your opponent, so you can go out and touch the issues, anticipate about next move. Be present in internet through our strategically proven products.


Stand out with search.

Search ads reach voters the moment they search for your campaign. Your ads will appear above or next to web search results, and you only pay when people click. In just a few minutes, you can build your first advt and get in front of the voters who matter most to you.


Win the moments that matter.

Each campaign message is an opportunity to educate, inspire, and persuade voters. Exawave helps you make the most of everything you do, with digital advertising solutions from search, display, and video ads to programmatic media buying and powerful analytics tools. Explore Exawave's solutions designed to drive campaign success.


Keep voters plugged in to your campaign.

From welcoming new supporters to staying in touch, email is one of the best ways to keep the conversation going. Generating a steady stream of new contacts and purging stale email addresses are essential to a smart email strategy.


Make the most of every opportunity.

Voters engage with election-related online content an average of 85 times in the months before they vote. They searched for news, read articles on the issues, watched videos, visited candidate websites, and shared political content on social media. The lesson? The earlier and more frequently you engage with voters online, the better chance you’ll have of persuading them to join you.


Activate the people who love what you're doing

Encourage supporters to like your Page in campaign literature, at events and with adverts so that you can reach virtually all of your voters with a friend's endorsements, which typically requires at least 2–4% of your eligible voters to like your Page. Through boosted posts and targeted adverts, specific groups of people will see their friends who are supporting your campaign.


Understand how visitors are engaging with you.

Understanding visitor behavior is the key to a strong campaign website. Google Analytics shows you how visitors are interacting with your site, so you can learn more about donations, volunteers, and what drives your site’s traffic.


Connect to the power of Digital Media

Digital media has changed the way voters experience political campaigns. And the closeness of digital media gives you countless opportunities to reach potential voters in new and meaningful ways.


Build your foundation

Reach the people who matter most to your campaign and win the moments that turn potential voters into enthusiastic supporters.
The moment from voter started searching your first video of election speeches or rallies, you are gaining opportunities to engage and inspire them. We are at ExaWave, helping you to figure you out on how Digital Media can help you do that.


Know what moves your voters

Exawave enables you to make more effective campaign by identifying specific voter group by gender, age, location and voting information. More you know your audience, more accurately your messages are delivered.

You’ll be able to create a more effective campaign by first identifying specific voter groups by gender, age, location, and voting information. Knowing who your audience is — and what makes them tick — allows you to deliver more persuasive messages.


Solutions for every campaign

From Google Ad words to Facebook’s Marketing tools. We use all that make your presence available in constituency. Real-time and lighting speed updates.
• Google Cloud and App Engine
• Google Ad Words
• YouTube Videos and Ads
• Facebook Ads
• Instagram Ads
• Website Promotions
• Mobile Ads
• Google Analytics
• And many more...

let's win !

Our Products Liked All Over The World

At Exawave we build product for people and businesses. To make their life easy is our mission and passion.



Ratings in Google Play Store

  • Crusader is an ExaWave product which is motion sensor based free game for all those action lovers out there. Do you like air to air battles where you can destroy your enemies? Then you have arrived at right place.
  • 30K+ Downloads
  • 150+ Coutries downloded

Expense Splitify


Ratings in Google Play Store

  • Your Expense manager that will manage your Personal, Group or OneToOne Expenses without any hassle. If you are going to trip, and want to add group bills and calculate who owes whom, then all you have to do it is- 'E-Splitify' it ! :)
  • 5K+ Downloads
  • 50+ Coutries downloded

Bull Cow


Ratings in Google Play Store

  • BullCow is a Puzzle. Logic is to guess a 4-Digit Number. Bull-Cow Game will generate 4-digit secret number. You have to guess number to win the game. To help you guess that no, hints will be given in the form of Bulls and Cows.
  • 26+ Coutries downloded

Our Up-Coming Products

  • Crusader II

    Your all time favourite action game. Part 2 with world war concept, much more excitement and solid new weapons on the go. This time with multiplayer functionality, Players from whole world to fight with. All you have to do is, just save your Nation. It is in initial stage of Development. Soon releasing on both Google Play and Apple App Stores.

  • Woman Safety

    Woman Safey will be primary concern about this app. All facilities that will help a woman in any kind of emergencies. First look will be soon releasing.

Our Stratagic Partners

A Plus Events, Ahmedabad

A Plus Events, is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to shoulder your responsibilities and to ease your worries, stress and strain on your special occasions. The team is headed by experience person. We undertake any event – You name it; we will plan and manage it. Our mission is to produce beautiful, elegant experiences and events that are unparalleled in their creativity, integrity and attention to detail. Every aspect of our events is meticulously managed by the exceptional planning capabilities, contacts and resources of A PLUS production team.